Friday, 31 August 2012


Today i have mainly just been painting, sketching, bleaching ect! Trying to build up my collections of drawings so i will have loads of different oppurtunities when it comes to the design development. I've been using Brusho as ink today which is not something i usually do. In the past ive only used it to create wacky colourful backgrounds on paper or fabric but it was nice to be able to achieve shades of colour that i wouldn't usually be able to get with my drawing inks and magic colours. Bit messy like! Plus the brusho bleaces out brilliantly and gives a really nice effect :) To aid me in my work today i have carefully chosen three albums. Portishead - Dummy, Ben Howard - Every Kingdom and Radiohead - In Rainbows. They are working pretty well so far!

Sneak Peak!

Cath Kidston egg cup makes a trusty ink pot!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Another Clasp?!

Even though after the last project, i swore i would never look at another bag or purse clasp again, they have drawn me back in! Only this time i am opting for a simpler glue in type of clasp. The last one was a sew in one, and i have never found anything more stressful in my life! Why i chose that type in the first place still befuddles me. I always seem to like to make life hard for myself. However!! Browsing about on etsy (as usual) i found these incredibly cute 2 3/4 inch purse frames :D So! Yet another thing to add to the list, but i have a feeling its going to be fun messing around and making cute purses to go along side my other products. Watch this space for more development ! And check out this etsy shop if you are interested in making bags/purses, they have all you need to get you started !


World of Wool

As my project and the ideas in my head are progressing, i've been making lists, endless lists(!), of what materials and tools im going to need to get started. I found a website a couple of years ago when i was in college that sold wool/fibre blends and i have been looking at all the different colours and variations. I found the following colours and thought they would go really well with the theme of my project. Better add them to the list !
Have a look at the website if you are interested in trying out these wools yourself!



Peacock Angelina Fibres

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Nosing about...

While nosing about on the internet, mainly etsy, (mentally spending money i dont have haha!) i found this shop that sells the most beautiful jewelry. As i am actually studying sea urchins in my new project this ring caught my eye straight away. Also inlcuded are pictures of the matching jewelry. (and no i wasnt searching engagement rings !) Take a look :)! Nafsika Jewelry

Project inspiration!

Inspired by Ilfracombe, I have decided my next project is going to be about textures and surfaces of seaside related things. I collected photographs of different surfaces from different locations around Ilfracombe next to the sea. In one of my old briefs, I constructed an embroidered bag and i really enjoyed the whole process, so i am going to try and further my knowledge and skills in different embroidery and construction techniques and make some more fashion accessories. Of course not forgetting to include a bit of print in there :D! Here are a few photographs to give you an idea.

Business Cards !

I ordered some business cards from and i am really pleased at how they turned out !

Ilfracombe !


This year i went on holiday to visit my mam, who lives in Ilfracombe, North Devon. We used to visit all the time when we were kids and its one of my favourite places of all time. And this time i got to take Tom, which made this trip even better! It's absolutely beautiful everywhere you go, and the seaside theme of it all gave me quite a bit of inspiration for my next project.

Final Exhibition!

The final HE Exhibition at Cleveland College of Art and Design.

Final Photographs

The two photographs i digitally printed and used in my final exhibition

Embroidery on Final Piece

A few sneak peek photographs of the finished embroidery (mostly done by hand but partially machine) on my final piece for the end of year exhibition.

Koda Traces

Another Koda Trace of some plant cells.
More koda traces all ready to expose onto the screen!! These are printed onto dyed fabric and then embroidered by hand. Thinking about doing some one off pieces in various colours and styles to go into frames!


Dying wool delaine fabrics in a hot dye bath.

Tie Dye tests.

Koda traces ready to expose the screens !