Tuesday, 23 September 2014

New beginnings...

I've been wanting to jazz up my logo for a while, but didn't want to go too over board and was struggling to think up something to make it more interesting yet keeping it super simple still. I was looking through some photographs i have taken since i got my new camera and voila! I found some images of a Burnett Moth i had taken a few months ago on a windy stroll up North Gare (otherwise known as the Blue Lagoon). It's colours are so simple yet striking, and i thought - why not! My work is largely based on nature and insects in particular, so why not jazz it up with a little friendly Burnett Moth :) So here it is! I hope you like it x

To go alongside this little chap, i will soon be launching my brand new etsy shop!!!! Keep your peepers peeled.....

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Happy Caturday!

So i was just about to pack up for the night when my cat Suzie decided to strike this amazingly cute pose!!! HAD to take some photos of her beautiful little self and upload them - so sorry (notsorry) for the cat spam :) Say hello to Suze, and those paws!!!


This week i am desperately trying to get back on track with the areas that i have slacked over the past few weeks. I've got a to do list as tall as me! But i love getting organized again and knowing exactly where i stand and what i need to do :)

I did get some down time this weekend, and spent the night at one of my favourite ladies abode. We just caught up, had a few drinks and had a laugh. The next morning we got up and tested out my new 50mm lens (my baby!) and I took a few shots of Emily. I still have ALOT to learn about making the most of this new lens that i have pretty much zero knowledge on! But it's fun testing things out, and Emily is a professional model so its really nice working with her - besides the fact we are best friends of course ;)

Here are a couple of shots, and i even caught a beautiful image of her laughing wearing the Rosebud Casson Sea Urchin studs! So a productive day all round :)

Sunday, 7 September 2014

40 years a slave....


Once again, i have let my posts slip and have neglected my poor little blog, i have however been really busy! (i know i know i can hear you thinking 'Excuses Excuses!!') but between working and the mountains of plans we seemed to dive straight into we have been very busy bodies indeed! 

Anyhoo, to get back on point.....Recently we went to Keswick to celebrate a gorgeous couples 40th wedding anniversary. I wanted to get something really special for them to remember the event by and had only just seen that my good friend Jess had started engraving glass! Any shape of form, you name it! So i thought, what could be more personal than personalised engraved wine glasses?!

So i drew out the design i wanted (added a couple of my own trademark creepy crawlies) and Jess intricately engraved them on two beautiful wine glasses for me. I love them! (and so did the couple thankfully!) If you are interested in your own engravings wether its for a thoughtful gift or something for yourself, get in touch with Jess HERE.

Here are a couple more snaps from the night of celebrations....