Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Nosing about...once again!

Well as usual, i've been taking part in my usual pass time...nosing about! I've found some really cool blogs recently and they have all been from looking at the 'Wedding' section on etsy and looking at the real weddings. Now, i am not planning on getting married any time soon!! But the photographs and ideas on this section are so beautiful and inspiring its worth a look. All the weddings are always extremely creative and it's really fun looking through the different ideas and concepts behind peoples weddings. And of course, i'm a lover of fashion and all things creative so the dresses and hand made decorations at these weddings are like a dream come true !

I found a really lovely website through looking at an artists wedding, called Oliver's and Abraham's (which i think is named after their lovely Alpaca's :) Check out their website at and she also sells her illustrations on etsy, link on her website :)

Another thing i found was this dress!! It's the most beautiful (in my opinion) dress i have ever seen and the detail and intricacy is just lovely. It's so simple and yet elegant, so i thought i would include this on my blog too and promote it in case any wedding planners stumble across my little old blog and fall in love with it like i did!!
You can visit the designers etsy shop here : 

Hand Made Business Cards

A quick peek at what i was working on yesterday - hand made business cards! Made using screen printing and stitch on the machine. I'm really happy with them, but have only made a limited amount as they are very time consuming and fiddly, so only VIP's will be getting their hands on these babies ;)
I'll be handing a couple in to get marked for my professional practise, and in the next couple of weeks i am going to work on a hand made photo book using the same style.


I was looking through my old photographs on facebook (cringe!) and found these ones! I took these with my 35 mm Pentax when i was in college about 4 years ago and totally forgot about them. I really like the old quality and the black and white, and it really reflects the work i was doing at the time. I was doing a project about life in the undergrowth and i was really into my oil pastels and then stitching back into my drawing sheets with the sewing machine. The top photograph is of a stencil i was working on and that is when i got my first taste of screenprinting!!
 I really miss college, and I still say it was the best two years of my life! As i decided to go to a college in a different town than my own i met some people that i would never have had the oppurtunity to meet otherwise, and they are still my best friends now :)

If i find any work from my time at ND Design Crafts i will post some so you can see how far my work has developed. I was really proud of the work i did in college and i left with a triple Distinction and a scholarship fund to go onto FdA Contemporary Textile Practise, but looking back at the work now does make me think....what was i thinking!!

Monday, 18 March 2013


I haven't updated in a while because i've been busy getting on with things and lets be honest, totally stressing ! But i guess thats part and parcel with the work i'm doing. I've been having loads of fun playing about with colours and designs and i really love the dusty pink teamed with the blues and greens below. So far i've almost finished two of my final designs and the next two are to be churned out soon enough! I have alot to do before the two weeks holidays for Easter, in which i will again have no life and be sat with my cats embroidering away watching Studio Ghibli films, but hey! I quite like it :)
I've also been getting into new techniques using the laser cutter and im really excited about the results i've been getting, so there will be an extra quirky element mixed into my final collection. Starting to get excited about the final exhibition but got a bit more to go before i can even start thinking about that.
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