Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Well! I wanted to let you all know of a fabulous talent that is making it's way onto the hand made scene - Lucy Addison Jewellery! About six years ago, i started at Cleveland College of Art and Design, Green Lane in a course called Design Crafts. Somehow i got myself sat next to a lovely, hilarious, mad as a box of frogs Lucy Addison, and since that first day, i've had the pleasure of calling her one of the best friends i've ever had! 

  Her work includes a mixture of metal and ceramics, specialising in jewelery. I have my own piece of her work and i haven't taken it off since the day i got it. (actually one time, i got a hand massage and they made me take it off, but i put it on right after...)

Lucy exhibits her work at various craft fairs, and sells work at places such as Hartlepool Art Gallery, Christ Church. 

Check out her work and personalised commissions on her FACEBOOK and WEBSITE.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Comment. Like it. Share it. Win it.

Banner made by Kristie Lee Hope.

So,this year has brought some amazing things along with it already, and it's only April 1st! Although i can't always see it, a lot of great things have happened and i've come such a long way since i started out on my own, and i'm really really proud of myself and the work ive created over the last few months. Exhibiting at SEWN and launching my very own official website were just two highlights of the past three months, and i cant wait to see what else in store!

Anyhoo, to get on with it (so to speak) the reason i am writing this blog post is that I wanted to thank everyone for the overwhelming support over the past few years when i first made the choice that i wanted to be a designer! Therefore, i've organised my  biggest giveaway yet!!! To take part in this bonanza, head over to my Facebook Page now and follow the instructions!!!

Good luck :)