Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Final images

Here's some images of my final purses and bags :)


It's over!!

Well! It's finally over. I took my exhibition down yesterday and it was officially my last day of university. I can't believe how fast these past three years have gone - It's crazy!! Anyway, I've had such a good time and I've learnt so much in my time at CCAD. Here are some pictures of my final products from the exhibition :)

This little beastie went off on an adventure to a new home yesterday :)


Monday, 10 June 2013

sea urchin...

So, if you read my blog you will know i have a thing for all things 'sea urchiny'!! A few months ago i posted about a jewelry artist named Nasfika that i found on etsy, who make beautiful pieces of artistic jewelry inspired by nature. My favourite of these pieces was the sea urchin ring - an absolute delight!! Well, i finally got my wish! It was my 21st birthday on friday and my wonderful boyfriend bought it for me :) I absolutely love it!! Please go and look at her jewelry as it is all beautiful. 

(by the way, the link says engagement ring - but we are not engaged!!)


Hello!! It's been a while since i last posted on here. Everything has been so hectic! The end of my final major project was really intense, and i'm really quite proud of how hard i worked throughout. And i would honestly do it all again in a heart beat, i really loved it! But i am excited to go on more adventures and push myself harder to create lovely things :)
Here is an image of me at my Exhibition, i was so so so nervous but it all turned out great i the end!! I had some really lovely comments about my work and i'm really happy with how it all turned out.
I will upload some more detailed images soon when i get the chance :)